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Did you know that 65% of the world population are visual learners!

How can you use this information to improve your business / communication?So, Let’s Talk :)


Along with our production services, we also specialize in online learning management systems (LMS). We design and produce LMS’s that manage and automate the entire learning and development process for an organization. Our training content offers a healthy mix of traditional education methods integrated with more interactive and engaging learning objects.

Education-64Learning Management Systems

We design & develop interactive LMS content as well as provide setup and hosting services. Engaging your staff is easy with video.

megafone Agencies & PR Companies

As a production partner, you can count on our expertise to relieve you from production pressures by your big brand clients.

red tie and suit Corporate Videos

Communicate a complex message to a small group or the entire staff of your company. We offer training and induction films.

bird Drama & Documentary

At Zar Productions, we offer professional crew, equipment and our experience to local and international filmmakers of all genres.

medic box Not-For-Profit Organisations

We love dedicating our services towards helping the community by supporting worthy causes and NFP organisations.

ambulance icon Training for Health Industry 

We specialise in producing medical videos for some of the most well-known medical organisations in Australia.

alphabets iconLearning & Development

The most used tool by today’s training organisations is video. Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation.

youtube cloud Marketing Videos & Social Media

Viral videos have become one of the most favoured tools by Ad agencies and brands to expose and promote their products & services.

dslr icon Event Photography

Whether its event photography, product shoots, food, corporate headshots, portraits or architecture – we can produce quality photography portfolios.

animation Animation & Compositing

We can storyboard and then create various types of animations based on the project or even composite over production footage to better convey your message.

Shop Open icon Small Business Marketing

Selling is more than just displaying your product and services – you need to use clever tools such as web videos.

oscars-32 Professional Videographers

We provide experienced videographers for seminars, conferences, annual meetings, exhibitions, performances or other events.