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Advertising Agency & PR Companies

Are you an advertising agency in need of quick delivery for your PR campaign?

We prefer doing what we know best which is creating amazing visual communication and we understand how hard it is to be in your shoes; trying to sell an idea to a client who just does not have the same vision as you do. Therefore we make the best partners with your advertising agency or PR company because we work with you towards the same goal which is delivering videos that are effective and within budget and time.

The secrets to building a strong partnership with a Production Company

The first point to remember is that this relationship like any other will only work smoothly if both sides are clear and precise in their communications. This means a clear and detailed brief and constant communication in order to clarify any misunderstandings. Everything should be in writing and must include even the smallest points.

The second point is to understand that both parties need to profit from this transaction. Its no use if one side is trying to squeeze the other side. If the game is played fairly, both parties will be able to sustain a healthy and long term relationship which brings us to the third point. Once you get over the initial communication mishaps and find your strengths and weaknesses, you can enjoy a long term profitable relationship because you start understanding each others needs better and find the best way of communicating.

National and International Advertising Agencies & PR firms

At Zar Productions we have worked with some very big names and some smaller PR and advertising agencies. We have always tried to deliver more than what was expected from us. This has resulted in some very healthy long-term relationships, which we are grateful for.

Some of the agencies that we have worked with are:


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