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Australian film companies

The truth is we are all storytellers; we enjoy sharing our own stories or stories of others that reflect our beliefs and ideals. Implementing this simple fact has put Australian film companies ahead of the pack.

Film Producers from around the globe love working with Australian film companies because they know that they will always get the best people in the industry. Plus, they will always come out within time and budget constraints. At Zar Productions we are passionate about film and look forward to working with great minds and ideas that can shape lives. If you are looking for a production company to bring your story to life then you are in the right place. We offer a full service film production to indie-filmmakers and other production companies nationally and internationally. We are not your old fashioned production house; we work light and fast. We aim to deliver before the deadline and within budget and most importantly we do all of this with a big smile on our faces.

One of the major benefit of hiring Australian film companies is the fact that the production team will be multi-talented. Each team member will perform multiple tasks unlike production companies around the world. We do not limit ourselves to a particular task.

So what is the most important element that makes a film enjoyable?

The story

When you watch a film like Amélie, Up, The Matrix or Don’t Mess With the Zohan they all have one thing in common. That’s the interesting journey the character takes as he/she overcomes many obstacles which changes & builds his/her character. Just when you think that the character is safe from the danger of change, there comes another set of challenges that needs to be faced. As a viewer we can relate the struggles of these characters to our own lives and our own challenges. We feel a sense of connection but at the same time we don’t know where the story is going. This has the viewer glued for the element of surprise and this is one of the reasons why we enjoy film.

The Making

Shooting, editing and putting a film online is so easy that every minute 100 hours of film gets added to YouTube but only a handful get the number of clicks that is worth mentioning. In making a great film you obviously need a great story. And then you encounter so many moving parts that need to work in harmony in order to produce the result you envisioned. One of the major elements that can make or break a film is the experience of the film producer, director, camera operator, sound person and the rest of the crew. At Zar Productions we have worked on a number of Drama, Action and Comedy films in the past decade and have built a respectable reputation in the Australian film companies sector.

Our services for International Production Companies

For international production companies who are looking for Australian film companies, we offer;

    • Production management
    • Full service administration
    • Organising permits and release forms
    • Script development
    • Location Recce (scouts)
    • Story boarding
    • Full crew (DOP, Sound, Light, assistant, etc.)
    • Modern and specialized equipment
    • Full Post-production services
    • Animation and graphics
    • Data handling and storage

Our services for Indie filmmakers

If you are an independent filmmaker and have an idea or a script, we can help you bring your film to life. Here are some of the services we offer:

    • Script development
    • Story boarding
    • Pre production services
    • Location Recce (scouting)
    • Producer, Director, DOP and sound person
    • Sound track
    • Animation and graphics
    • Full post services
    • Distribution and marketing
    • Authoring and duplication