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Why use Vimeo?

A turning point for video production and distribution worldwide


Two platforms for video sharing having been battling it out over the past few years- Youtube and Vimeo- both desperate to grasp the attention of emerging amateur filmmakers, artists and video enthusiasts who are itching to get their content in the public eye.  When it comes to drawing a crowd and pulling in the big bucks, Youtube takes the cake. With 800 million unique users visiting the site per month, and roughly 72 hours of video production content being uploaded each minute, its supply of obscure vlog entries and distracting cat videos appears to be quite literally inexhaustible.


With the rapid development of social networking sites that offer video sharing capabilities, the demand for new content has never been bigger, nor has the vastness of reach. At the start of this social network explosion, eyebrows were raised as every teenager with an iPhone camera and an instagram account dubbed themselves video producers and photographers- the integrity of the profession was placed in jeopardy.  But no fear, for it has finally become apparent that the demand for homegrown grainy videos shot entirely in shaky cam is slowly dying down to give way to a new demand- a demand for quality- so much so that many of the video productions that dominate Youtube have been labeled “germs”, for their poor quality and the despicable, foul mouthed commentators they attract to the comments bar.


Vimeo, although a far smaller platform for video sharing, pulling roughly 70 million unique visitors per month, has been the talk of the filmmaking community, boasting a quality guaranteed niche of clearer aesthetic, and the opportunity for amateur filmmakers to network and interact with established filmmakers and producers to talk film production and distribution. The introduction of Vimeo’s video-on-demand, which charges $199 membership a year, has called upon established producers and independent filmmakers to step up to the social network challenge, and to embrace alternative ways to make money off of film in the face of inevitable internet piracy issues. Hollywood beat Sydney to the chase, with producers of indie film Some Girls starring Adam Brody and Kristen Bell, opting to skip theatrical release for immediate release on Vimeo’s video-on-demand. Sydney has not yet released an independent film on Vimeo, but she has definitely caught the Vimeo bug, with videos by Vivid Sydney, Host Sydney and Creative Mornings with Flynn Tracey expanding the video sharing sphere, connecting Sydney to the world one video production at a time.

studio setting with microphone and mixer desk

Why is sound important in a film?

When you consider filming an event, there are many things that go through your mind. Locations, appearance, make up, and scripts are just some of them. But what about your audio?

Your video may feature rolling snow capped hills or lush green valleys. It may also star some of the most beautiful people you could find with the wittiest dialogue your viewers have ever heard. But if your audience can’t hear what is being said, they will tune out.

The quality of your audio can have a big impact on the overall impression your video will make. Thankfully there are ways to capture clear and crisp audio that will give your video that well-rounded professional shine:

  •  When it comes to audio, it really is a case of getting out what you put in. Most in-built microphones on recording devices will do a decent job. But for that professional edge an external mic might be what you need.
  • Most movie editing software packages let you play with the sound in post production. This is great in case one of your stars mumbles their lines or you need to cut out background noise.
  • Just get the video production professionals to do it!

Music is another overlooked factor. Music has to ability to tell your story without dialogue and offer a layer of emotion that wasn’t there before. Depending on what music you choose, it can also ad a layer of legal woes you weren’t expecting.

Using music without permission in Australia can open you up to a potential lawsuit. If you need low cost music, you can find free or cheap loops and sound effects in most video editing software or online. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, why not create your own using programs like Garage Band?

The Birth of a Legend – Canon 5D

Why use a Production company and not an ad agency?

In 2008 a new kind of a legend was born, the type that gave hope to creative minds and took away the grip of a long-standing monopoly in an industry that was highly guarded and near impossible to penetrate.

A single lens reflex camera called Canon 5D Mark II was announced by Canon in late 2008 and since then millions of amazing ideas have turned into reality. Before the birth of this legend, being creative and operating a film camera were two separate job descriptions. You could have been a camera operator or a creative that has all the ideas, which in many cases you would have worked for an ad agency or a PR company.

channel 7 camera crew filming 3 motorcyclists

How to make a documentary film for under $100!

12 steps to making a low budget documentary film.

Wheather you’re a seasoned film-maker or just starting out, you will need to understand and follow the 12 crucial steps of film-making specially if you are trying to make a documentary film for under $100. The following 12 steps are created by Zar productions in Sydney, Australia and they are the result of hands-on experience and not just some academic teaching.

Make sure you understand the importance of each point and put it into practice. Also we are going to be as honest as possible and at times it might even sound cruel, but really we just want you to save your time and money – that’s why we will try to give it to you – straight to the point!

using video in the classroom

Using video in the classroom

Have you seen the news on literacy? It isn’t good news, and it directly affects how you market your company.

Year after year, 30% of children leave school without knowing how to read beyond a basic level. Added to this, is a large group of marginally skilled people, who find reading hard work, and avoid it.

Research tells us that in Australia, (and its slightly worse in the US), about 50% of the population simply don’t like reading. They spend their time watching television, and are increasing switching to video on the internet.

nurse at infinity skin clinic

How to film video testimonials

As you look around the internet, nearly every website has a testimonial page. Perhaps there was a time when they were effective, maybe circa 2000. But they’ve degenerated into a laughable concept where, far from being an advantage, they look naïve, small-minded and often downright dishonest.

Dishonest? When you see a fabulous testimonial from “John, Sydney”, what are your first thoughts? Surely, only the most gullible would believe that “John, Sydney” and “Mary, Melbourne” actually exist.

tnt team jumping

Filming of TNT’s Drive Me Challenge

TNT invited Zar Productions to provide production services for their Drive Me challenge which is an international driving competition that replicates a typical day’s work for a TNT driver. Drivers from each state pair up with their Senior Managers, who take the role as a co-driver back at base guiding them around Sydney.The challenge started and concluded at TNT’s Enfield depot. Enthusiastic TNT colleagues and their family members cheered on their teams and to continue the celebrations; we all headed off to the iconic Luna Park. The day’s winner was from WA who will now fly to Germany to represent Australia!

Go Aussie!

The Zar Productions team had a very eventful and exciting day of filming and photography. Some of those images can be viewed on our facebook page. It was an extremely enjoyable day with the great people at TNT.

canon 5d mark ii with sennheiser wireless microphones connected to a beachtek at a corporate video production shoot in sydney

The latest trends in video – new movements in Corporate video

The biggest move is to the web

The internet is demolishing every conventional business model and corporate video production is definitely included. More than ever, video is being driven by the total changes that have occurred, with the internet encroaching on television to the stage where 70% of television viewers are using the internet at the same time. For the video production companies who get the business model right, this can offer incredible opportunity, because the easy ability to embed a YouTube video on a web page means that every business can benefit from a video. Video continues to expand, with projections that video usage will double within 4 years, particularly for the smartphone and tablet market.

samsung shoot metrics

Zar Corporate Video kicks an amazing goal for Samsung

What does it take to kick an AFL football into a small bin, 50 metres away? Samsung found out, by running a competition – and Zar Productions was asked to produce and film the winner, Brandon Jack, repeating his incredible feat, under the Harbour Bridge.
But there’s more!

a corporate video production shoot in process with actor kim knuckey and production crew

Video Production – Guidelines for Hiring the Right Company

In case you are planning to make a video, choosing the right video production company is not by any means an easy task. This is precisely the reason why majority of clients stick with a good one once they have found it. But why are a lot of people so engrossed about video productions? What’s behind all the hype and how can one ensure that he/she is hiring the right company?

Video production has become one of the fastest growing marketing medium today and it is no longer exclusive for Fortune 500 companies. More and more businesses are realizing that video production is a very effective advertising technique when carried out correctly. It follows that companies the world over are searching for ways in which they can benefit from this trend. However, some companies are being held back by worries of investing a portion of their budget to hire a video production company and end up with results that fall short of their expectations.

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