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The Birth of a Legend – Canon 5D

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Why use a Production company and not an ad agency?

In 2008 a new kind of a legend was born, the type that gave hope to creative minds and took away the grip of a long-standing monopoly in an industry that was highly guarded and near impossible to penetrate.

A single lens reflex camera called Canon 5D Mark II was announced by Canon in late 2008 and since then millions of amazing ideas have turned into reality. Before the birth of this legend, being creative and operating a film camera were two separate job descriptions. You could have been a camera operator or a creative that has all the ideas, which in many cases you would have worked for an ad agency or a PR company.

But in today’s environment the barrier no longer stands, “the clients” are coming to the realisation that they don’t really need the ad agency or the PR Company to turn an idea into an ad or to simply take an idea and dictate it to a producer! Why not go directly to the creator and get rid of the middleman? Nowadays a small production company can talk directly to the marketing manager of a large corporation and share creative ideas and that could only mean faster and more direct communication and a much smaller budget.

The same creative minds who used to work for a faceless Ad agency or dream about working for one are now running their own video production companies and attracting international brands. These young production companies owe their success largely to the birth of the 5D MKII, not because they all use the same camera but because September 2008 was a moment in time that a paradigm shift happened which would gradually change the playing fields for millions to come.

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