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Corporate Video Production

High quality corporate video production services at affordable prices

More and more companies are moving away from the traditional forms of advertising. Corporate video production have been adopted to communicate their messages to a target niche. A well-scripted and professionally-produced corporate video production has the power to impart key messages clearly and efficiently to staff and customers. Gone are the days of staff sitting in tedious lectures or reading phonebook sized manuals. Modern corporate Australia is embracing business video production services to communicate to their staff.

At Zar Productions we’ve developed a streamlined process for corporate video production services without compromising on quality. Our team of skilled professionals work closely so your corporate video project flows quickly through the shooting, editing and mastering process. Once the production footage is shot, in a matter of only hours it can be cut and delivered as a final product. It is ready for your next business presentation.

Learn the benefits of enlisting a corporate video production service

There are many reasons why companies may require corporate videos. These include:Corporate skyscraper building

  • Induction course presentation for new employees
  • Address by the new CEO or Board Chairman
  • Communicating to stakeholders and other interested parties of changes to company targets, interests and goals
  • Promote a new service or product.

Our filmmakers are happy to produce these and other video styles. Our clients enjoy top-shelf video production services when working with the Zar Productions team. In conjunction with our client, we’ll develop an overall creative vision that complements your current corporate branding. Our scriptwriters will draft the script based on the tone required, the content and the creative approach. All aspects of the production are focused towards making sure the target audience hears your business message loud and clear.

Our team has a wealth of experience as a corporate video production company and can help advise you on ways to boost your chances of making a successful corporate presentation. Deciding on the purpose, the presentation and desired results are important in guiding the production. Corporate presentations can be intended for within the company or as a tool to communicate benefits of services or products in a public forum. Let us help you develop a clear message for your business’s video production. You can showcase your company in an engaging way and build your company’s brand.


Our friendly staff can answer any questions you have about corporate video production services

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Message to your staff and clients

What better way to use video to express your thoughts and ideas. You can use our mobile studio or just make a time to come into our studio which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This is the first 24-hour studio in Australia and its purpose is to provide video production services even when everyone’s asleep. If you have an emergency message and need to inform your national and international staff, please give us a call, bookings are essential.

Induction Videos

The best way to break the ice and introduce your company to your new staff is using a fun and informative induction video. We try to keep our induction videos between 3-5 minutes to give a general overview of the company as well as introduce the faces that make the management team. Your employees will walk around the premises already having viewed the work environment with a sense of familiarity. When they see the CEO going down the hall, they will have a big smile on their faces knowing who that person was :)