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Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary filmmaking, its our passion!

Documentary filmmaking can be taught but you must have a burning desire to tell a story. You may have years of experience in making films or this might be your very first attempt, you can always view Zar Productions as an experienced partner that will go the distance with you. In making any documentary film, there are mainly two elements that need to be considered before you select your production company to partner with.

How much experience and confidence do you have in shooting this type of film?

Documentary filmmaking will always consist of some of these basic elements:

    • Interviews (set, unplanned, indoor, outdoor)
    • B-role shots of product, people and environment
    • Voice-over and natural, ambient sounds

There are also some elements that are a bit uncommon. There can be plenty of surprises or unplanned shots when shooting a documentary that follows a car rally or a group of bikers across the country. During these productions, anything can happen so therefore your crew must always be ready and able to follow the story. Get those critical shots is what documentary filmmaking is all about. Each one of these elements has it’s own speciality so you must check with your producer, director, DOP and sound person to make sure they have the confidence and experience to fulfil the needs of your documentary filmmaking adventure.

What type of equipment do you use?

Documentary filmmaking requires experience and expertise. This is also true for the type of equipment used in capturing the story. For example when shooting a documentary about Sydney’s rivers and waterways, you will need to use water-proof equipment whereas in shooting a documentary about an artist, you will need cameras that can handle a wide colour spectrum. But as the saying goes, “A bad carpenter always blames his tools” – having an experienced crew that has the knowledge of the equipment being used is just as important.

Zar Productions has a vast amount of experience in documentary filmmaking ranging from small low budget documentaries to documentaries that take months to shoot and require thousands of kilometres to travel between locations. If you are planning to shoot a documentary and need help with script development, selecting crew, organising permits, location recce, equipment selection, post production and/or anything film related please give us a call or arrange a time to meet and discuss your requirements.