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Food Photography

The importance of great food photography

When looking at a plate of food it is that first image which will determine whether you like that dish or not. Only if the image is pleasing then you are willing to take the next step of smell and eventually taste the food.

At Zar Productions, it is our main focus to create that image with our artistic food photography. Having eight years of experience as a chef has always helped us in creating the most amazing food photography for our clients.

The different styles of Food Photography;

  • Natural light Photography

    We prefer using natural light when possible. If you have access to large windows, then we will ask you to set up your dishes near the window. The natural light provides the best colour temperature for your images. We can also control the amount of light with our special equipment to make sure that we are creating the best lighting for the setting.

  • Studio Photography

    Some of our food photography is done in locations that natural light is not available or the shoot is during the night so we have to rely on our powerful flashes and our studio equipment. Depending on the style of photography required by the client we provide two or there flashes which will be positioned strategically around the set. In order to complement the dishes we then arrange other decorations in and around the plate, this could include general decoration for the set or specifically for the plate.

  • Best plate for food photography

    White round dishes are the perfect companion for any food photographer although my personal choice is square white dishes that are simple but elegant. Some styles might be best achieved with coloured plates or plates that have designs on them, this is really a style choice and as a food photographer we work with the overall requirements to deliver the best result.

  • Action or still shots?

    Gone are the days that all food plates were set on a plain white background and the photographer had to shoot all the dishes in the same boarding manner. Today restaurant owners, food magazines & catering companies require food shots in action, plates being carried to the table, people enjoying their first bite or just anything that is out of ordinary. As food photographers this is music to our ears, we welcome all new ideas and look forward to creating the style that you require.

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