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Product Photography

Get still life photography that showcases your products in their best light at a very reasonable pricing

You may know your product is the very best on the market, but taking a photo that demonstrates this to the rest of the world is a subtle skill. Zar Productions’ team has the skills and the experience to provide you with Sydney product photography that will help your customers see your products like you do.

With access to state-of-the-art photography studio and skilled graphic artists working on your product photography post shoot, we completely control the environment and can manipulate the very best out of any product you have on offer.

Choosing the right product photographer for your Product Photography.

  • Lighting for great product photography
    At the end of the day, all photography comes down to lighting! As a matter of fact, photography means “drawing with light” so when it comes to product photography its not much different. We invest heavily in our lighting, sometimes even more than what we invest in our other equipment. This is “the-not-so-secret” element of product photography that all product photographers should know. This will set your product photos apart from the rest.

  • Attention to detail
    With the advances in the digital photography, you can do so much with the product image after the photo session, but nothing beats the preparation and awareness that a product photographer must have before the session begins.
    Any professional product photographer will tell you that they much prefer to get the shot right than spending hours in post-production trying to fix things. At Zar Productions, we enjoy the preparation process and pay close attention to all the details. Experience has shown us that being aware and prepared can improve the overall quality of any product photography and saves time and money for the project and ultimately for the client.
  • Good with the mouse!
    You can be meticulous with your preparations and have several eyes looking over the production and finally you get the images back to the photography studio. But now you find out that there is a fingerprint showing on that bottle or a spec of dust on that diamond ring, what you do?
    This is where the magic of post-production comes to the rescue! Our clever digital artists will surprise you every time by delivering flawless product images that will leave you breathless and save the product photographer from a heart-attack!
  • How do they do that?
    Developing specific techniques in photographing products is something that only experience can bring. At Zar Productions, we have experienced just about any challenge that a product photo session can throw at us from jewellery to trucks. We have the experience and clever techniques that will save you time and money.

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