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Training Videos

Coach your employees with effective Training videos

In today’s corporate environment, regular employee and customer training is imperative to staying competitive. There’s no better medium to effectively and efficiently educate your client and employees than with well-produced corporate training videos.

Zar Production’s training video production service can provide your business with clear and concise educational videos to maximise the effectiveness of the time spent training your staff and the end user. Training videos can be watched online or on a DVD at any time and place to suit your employees and customers.

Using Drama to train your staff and client

Training videos using drama

Who said training needs to be boring. If you are thinking of creating a training video but are not sure where to start, we can help you develop your ideas into film language. To the surprise of many, training videos can be in the form of drama. This will help communicate your message to your staff, management and clients. Using clever film techniques, interesting sound tracks and a brilliant story, you can teach and get your point across without boring your audience. These is the benefit of a great training video.


Some of the reasons why companies require training videos include:

  • Education on health and safety (OH&S), anti-discrimination and anti-bullying procedures,
  • To demonstrate key processes relevant to the way your business operates,
  • Keep your employees informed of the latest legislation and regulations relating to your industry,
  • Train your customers on new products or services that you are offering

As procedures change, we can design videos in such a way that updating your existing videos with new information becomes seamless. Anything is possible with our training video production services

 Our video production experts make training videos that work!

At Zar Productions, our skilled videographers are comfortable working across many creative styles. Working closely with our clients we can translate the message you want to convey to your employees into the most effective format. Whether it is purely instructional or drama based re-enactments, we can create a corporate training video to ensure your staff are fully trained and entertained.

Videos for education and training

For decades, we’ve been stuck in one mode of training and education. Finally, with the advances in technology we can get rid of the old ideas of smelly classroom settings and squeaky desks with a teacher / trainer who is not interested in being there. In today’s modern society, people are learning while on a bus or train. You can take an online training course from a number of online sources like open university, Learning Fever and lynda.

Corporate Training Videos

Large Corporations have been using video productions as part of their training and educational tools. This allows a corporation to save time and money while training and educating staff and management. We provide specialized video production services for local and international corporations. We do this by working with the human resources department to develop a clear guideline for what is needed.

Straight Forward Training Videos

If you are having a training session with your staff we can record this with either one camera or multiple cameras depending on your input. This footage can be mixed with the presentation notes and images to create a clear and dynamic training video. This training video can be used by staff directly from your internal servers or for larger corporation we can provide a secure online viewing experience from anywhere around the globe.

Producing training Videos in studio environment

You could also use the videos in a studio environment. At Zar Productions studio we help your trainers to develop and deliver their material while we incorporate text, graphics and images into the video to enhance the viewer experience. These videos are usually used online or on a DVD and recently on USB memory sticks. For the online viewing experience we can reduce the size of each clip to an optimal size for a speedy delivery without slowing down your internal network. For deliver on DVD and memory sticks we can provide you with number of options. Please contact us for more information.

See some examples of our work or contact us today and start a new chapter in your business’s effective employee education with our corporate training video production.