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Why is sound important in a film?

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When you consider filming an event, there are many things that go through your mind. Locations, appearance, make up, and scripts are just some of them. But what about your audio?

Your video may feature rolling snow capped hills or lush green valleys. It may also star some of the most beautiful people you could find with the wittiest dialogue your viewers have ever heard. But if your audience can’t hear what is being said, they will tune out.

The quality of your audio can have a big impact on the overall impression your video will make. Thankfully there are ways to capture clear and crisp audio that will give your video that well-rounded professional shine:

  •  When it comes to audio, it really is a case of getting out what you put in. Most in-built microphones on recording devices will do a decent job. But for that professional edge an external mic might be what you need.
  • Most movie editing software packages let you play with the sound in post production. This is great in case one of your stars mumbles their lines or you need to cut out background noise.
  • Just get the video production professionals to do it!

Music is another overlooked factor. Music has to ability to tell your story without dialogue and offer a layer of emotion that wasn’t there before. Depending on what music you choose, it can also ad a layer of legal woes you weren’t expecting.

Using music without permission in Australia can open you up to a potential lawsuit. If you need low cost music, you can find free or cheap loops and sound effects in most video editing software or online. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, why not create your own using programs like Garage Band?

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