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Why use Vimeo?

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A turning point for video production and distribution worldwide


Two platforms for video sharing having been battling it out over the past few years- Youtube and Vimeo- both desperate to grasp the attention of emerging amateur filmmakers, artists and video enthusiasts who are itching to get their content in the public eye.  When it comes to drawing a crowd and pulling in the big bucks, Youtube takes the cake. With 800 million unique users visiting the site per month, and roughly 72 hours of video production content being uploaded each minute, its supply of obscure vlog entries and distracting cat videos appears to be quite literally inexhaustible.


With the rapid development of social networking sites that offer video sharing capabilities, the demand for new content has never been bigger, nor has the vastness of reach. At the start of this social network explosion, eyebrows were raised as every teenager with an iPhone camera and an instagram account dubbed themselves video producers and photographers- the integrity of the profession was placed in jeopardy.  But no fear, for it has finally become apparent that the demand for homegrown grainy videos shot entirely in shaky cam is slowly dying down to give way to a new demand- a demand for quality- so much so that many of the video productions that dominate Youtube have been labeled “germs”, for their poor quality and the despicable, foul mouthed commentators they attract to the comments bar.


Vimeo, although a far smaller platform for video sharing, pulling roughly 70 million unique visitors per month, has been the talk of the filmmaking community, boasting a quality guaranteed niche of clearer aesthetic, and the opportunity for amateur filmmakers to network and interact with established filmmakers and producers to talk film production and distribution. The introduction of Vimeo’s video-on-demand, which charges $199 membership a year, has called upon established producers and independent filmmakers to step up to the social network challenge, and to embrace alternative ways to make money off of film in the face of inevitable internet piracy issues. Hollywood beat Sydney to the chase, with producers of indie film Some Girls starring Adam Brody and Kristen Bell, opting to skip theatrical release for immediate release on Vimeo’s video-on-demand. Sydney has not yet released an independent film on Vimeo, but she has definitely caught the Vimeo bug, with videos by Vivid Sydney, Host Sydney and Creative Mornings with Flynn Tracey expanding the video sharing sphere, connecting Sydney to the world one video production at a time.

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